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Our mediation department is headed by Clark E. Wisor III. Mr. Wisor comes to us after serving for years as a Family Law Magistrate in the Montgomery County Circuit Court. Every day he listened to family law cases and rendered decisions that affect visitation, alimony, child support and property issues. He brings to our firm a wealth of knowledge and reduces the stress of litigation while saving couples thousands of dollars in legal fees. His demeanor is calm and reassuring as he works with each party to reach a settlement that meets their needs.

  • Quicker: Mediation is a much shorter process than litigating before the Court.

  • Less Expensive: Mediation eliminates the costly expense of litigation, court expenses, court appearances and voluminous formal discovery.

  • Less Formal: You typically meet in our office where we have multiple conference areas. In our relaxed atmosphere, this process is less stressful than contested litigation proceedings.

  • Confidential: Everything you say and produce during mediation is confidential and our mediator will not discuss anything you deem confidential under the terms of the standard mediation agreement both of you will sign. This is done so each party can feel comfortable during the process.

  • Control: Mediation allows you to be in control of your family rather than a Judge or Magistrate. The Court hears your case and make decisions that you may not like or agree with.

  • End Result: You control your own destiny without Court intervention.

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