Maryland Divorce Attorneys

Maryland Divorce Attorneys

Maryland Divorce Attorneys at Belli, Weil and Grozbean Law Firm understand the complexities of the Maryland divorce laws on the issues of custody, child support, domestic violence, alimony, property distribution and pension rights. Our Maryland divorce lawyers are here to answer your questions when you need the advice.

Maryland Divorce and Separation Law

Maryland has some very strict and complex laws for Divorce & Separation. There are several codes and regulations for the same. If any couple files for divorce in Maryland, it could be either contested or uncontested. If the divorce is contested, adversarial proof is required to be presented before the court. However, if it is uncontested, it has to be on a mutual and voluntary basis for separation of one year.

In order to file for a divorce in Maryland, residency requirements must be met for the court to accept the case. If the court discovers it does not have jurisdictional rights to hear the case it will not be accepted or it will eventually be dismissed. The requirements are as follows:

There is a 1 year requirement if the grounds for the divorce occurred outside the state of Maryland, otherwise if either spouse is a resident of the state of Maryland, he or she may file in the county in which either spouse resides. If you are filing for divorce under the grounds of insanity, the residency requirement is increased to 2 years. (Maryland Code - Family Law Chapter - Section: 7-103)

All this and more has to be considered file filling for divorce in Maryland and our lawyers are expert in all these clauses and have the ability of presenting your unique case with lots of strength and conviction in the Maryland Court of law.

Maryland Divorce Attorneys

At Belli, Weil and Grozbean, we have experienced and expert attorneys for handling Maryland Divorce and Separation cases. They have been named in "Who's Who" as Maryland's "Super Lawyers" representing the top 5% percent of lawyers in Maryland. Stuart Grozbean and Henry Weil have been interviewed and quoted in newspaper articles and on TV. We are a Maryland law firm that understands Maryland divorce law.

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