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Maryland Divorce and Family Lawyers

Maryland Divorce and Family LawyersOur family law section is headed by Stuart H. Grozbean. Mr. Grozbean was named to "Who's Who" 1998-2014. He is a life member of "Who's Who", a prestigious national recognition of outstanding professionals in the United States. He is also the developer of the child support guidelines program in Maryland. His program is widely used by Judges, Masters and Lawyers in  Maryland. A Maryland divorce attorney who will counsel you during the entire process. Mr. Grozbean was named Super Lawyer in Maryland in 2016.

He was invited to speak in 2007 before the Maryland Rules Committee about Maryland Child Support and needed changes in the Maryland Rules. His recommendations were unanimously adopted by the Committee for submission to the Maryland Court of Appeals. 

Stuart H. GrozbeanIn 2003 the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives appointed Mr. Grozbean as Honorary Co-Chairman of the Business Advisory Council.

Mr. Grozbean has been quoted in the Washington Post, USA Today, The Washington Times and the Gazette, as well as and on various television and news channels-WJLA, WRC, WUSA, NEWS CHANNEL8, WBAL, WJZ. In 2003 the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives appointed Mr. Grozbean as Honorary Co-Chairman of the Business Advisory Council. He has recently been nominated and accepted to be in Who's Who in the World for 2006 because of his outstanding accomplishments.

Our lawyers have been cited on television, radio and by major national newspapers.

Domestic relations is a very technical area that requires special training and expertise in understanding (MD) Maryland divorce law. No one looks forward to separation and divorce. It is especially difficult when there are children involved. Our staff understands these emotional times and works closely with you to see that you get the best settlement or trial representation. We can assist in (MD) Maryland divorce mediation as an alternative to litigation.

Maryland Divorce Financial WorksheetA complete understanding of pensions, financial assets and the expenses of the parties is an important component to any domestic settlement. We utilize experienced accountants, tax attorneys, investigators, and business evaluators to help insure a comprehensive understanding of the various issues you may be facing. You need an experienced (MD) Maryland divorce lawyer who understands the Maryland divorce laws.

A Maryland divorce law firm with experienced Maryland divorce lawyers who understand Maryland (MD) divorce law, also serving the District of Columbia and the Nations. We work with lawyers around the country to provide the very best representation.

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Domestic relations (Child support, child custody, family and divorce law) is a very technical area that requires special legal training and expertise in understanding Maryland (MD) divorce laws. You may require a child adoption attorney or possibly you require a a law firm to aid you in getting child support or child custody, legal separation and/or divorce. Our Maryland (MD) Law Firm understands these emotional times and works closely with you to see that you and your children get the best legal settlement or trial representation.

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